In addition to being a pleasant place, it is necessary to “separate” it in a way from the rest of the house to build an environment that stimulates creativity, focus, concentration, and productivity, in addition to other characteristics that can vary from one place to another, according to your work. Make no mistake: check out the 6 home office decoration tips (in addition to applying the previous tips on site)!

  1. Dismiss The Agitation

The first important issue is the choice of environment. Give preference to quiet places, where circulation in the home is reduced (even if by the agreement at the agreed times). It is essential not to choose a room or space in the house where you do not feel relaxed.

  1. Invest In Chair Comfort

Workers’ health is essential, and you need to consider this when thinking about setting up a home office. Ergonomics is there for that. Therefore, choose the chair you will use, choosing a comfortable and ergonomic one. The same goes for details that make the difference, like using a mouse on your notebook.

  1. Apply Color Psychology

Have you ever wondered why all fast-food advertisements have warm colors like red, orange, and yellow? It’s to stimulate your desire to eat! Color psychology influences our sensations, and you should use this in favor of home office decor.

The definition of your desktop’s best color comes from your activity. Do you need a stimulating look? Bet on warm colors. Need calm and rationality? Bet on cool colors, and so on. Research and define which emotions are most interesting to arouse for your performance. Learn about Feng Shui wallet (ฮวงจุ้ยกระเป๋าเงิน which is the term in Thai) for you office work bag colors.

  1. Focus On Lighting

Like colors, lighting plays a key role in influencing your moods. In addition, it is also an essential factor for your work to be healthy. Therefore, contemplate it when you see its home office models.

In addition to opting for white light – which is also economical -it is interesting to focus and reinforce strategic points of the decoration, such as the bench or table on which you usually work. Natural light is also always welcome!

  1. Choose Your Table Size Well

You need a place that — collaborates with ergonomics and — accommodates your belongings, such as a notebook, printer, possible documents, paper, pen, etc. However, it is essential to balance the size of this table or desk. Consider how busy the room is and make sure you need all the tablespace. Many people mistake leaving a table much larger than necessary, just polluting the decor.

Those who work from home usually use the computer at the desk. So, if the table and chair are not comfortable — together — to keep for a while, the tendency is for you to go to work in bed or other environments. Avoid it!